Jerome Alley.

Originally from the lower mainland of British Columbia, I've called Colorado my home for more than 20 years. 

As an FAA certificated private and UAS pilot I enjoy all things aviation, and integrating that into my business. 


Professionally, my primary assignments are architectural photography and videography using ground and aerial cameras. 


I find that to be a satisfying blend of artistic expression and technical challenge. My techniques include HDR processing, exposure and color blending, and subtle retouching. I use a combination of natural ambient light, off-camera illumination and existing lighting to achieve a true representation of architectural space with a welcoming feel.  Usually, the goal is to guide the eye through the image, draw focus onto the important features, and simultaneously present both the interior space and exterior views in an inviting and realistic way that doesn't feel over-processed.    

Although architecture represents the majority of my work, I can also accommodate headshots, sports, and other genres. 


Please call me for examples of other work.  I'm grateful to be able to pursue a career that I love, and I take great pride in exceeding the expectations of my clients. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you or your team.